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How To Approve Maxbounty Account | CPA Networks 2018

    Just 5 minute read &    Your Account is Approved

Yes am gonna Share Easiest ways & secrets to approve The CPA Accounts like Maxbounty, Peerfly, and some other Networks no matter you are from Pakistan India or Bangladesh there is no such type of limitation for approvals.

I faced the same problem like you are facing these days, many CPA networks reject your applications without giving any explained or detailed reason which is totally a frustration for a newbie.

Here we take the example of a network like Maxbounty when you applied there! They said our manager will take your interview by a phone call.

 Then you think am not expert i will failed to convince
 What they will ask ?
 if i got failed then ?
 these are question you got in mind as newbie.

What if I Have Answer For All yours Questions?

it would be easy for you to approve Maxbounty account.

So Lets discuss

Secret Methods Approve Maxbounty Account

MaxBounty Sign up Process:

First of all, You must have knowledge about how to signup for maxbounty & How to Fill the Application Form.

These are The Following Step You Can See On The Maxbounty Signup Page
Put The Right Information in these Field.

Joining through the Referal link will help you for fast approval so click below to go ahead.


Maxbounty Approval Tutorial Guide:


3. 4. 

                                             Maxbounty Interview Questions:

There are Similar Question that every Cpa Network Manager So if you Manage to handle these queries then you can be part of any CPA network. So Lets Prepared For Maxbounty Phone Interview.

What is Your Experience in Affiliate Marketing?

You Need to have Basic Information about  Digital Marketing.

Always Said Truth!  Maxbounty is Newbie friendly CPA network & they do not ask for the reference.

ANS: I have 1 year experience in affliate marketing i can generate
good amount of Conversion in past i have work with cpamatica & get
paid but maxbounty has thousand of  good offers. so i decided to join

What’s Your Traffic Source

There are too many Sources
1-PPV/pop-under/pop up traffic
2-CPC, Cost Per Click
3-Social Media Marketing Google Plus, Facebook Twitter.
4-Redirect Traffic platform like ZeroPark

What Are The GEO’s You Drive Traffic Through :

Tier-1 Countries: United States,United Kingdom,Canada,Australia

What is The Promotional Method?

Tell him that you will promote health-related sale offer through CPC traffic using google adword.
or you can tell any other working method you know.but in an effective way.

Which Vertical(categories) Offers You Want To Promote?

This Is Primary Question That all the network Ask that Which Vertical you will Promote? What Offer You are looking For? Because every Digital Marketing Expert has its Primary Vertical On which he has good grip. You can tell them Health Related offers You will promote.

                          Important Factor For Maxbounty  Approval 

  • Maxbounty ,Peerfly & Other Network Ask for Website but its not necessary to have established website to apply for any Cpa Network if you are Media Buyer , Then you Must have Some Well Converted  Landing Pages.
  • Provide Right Information About Yourself While filling the application
  • Write What you can prove Later On Phone Call Interview
  • Be Confident ! But Don’t Be Over Clever
  • If You got Rejected Then Use Another email & phone number
  • Don’t Miss Their Call Fill The Right Time in Form when you are available
  • if you Miss Their Call Then Try To Call Manager You Will Received The Contact Details Of Your Manager
  • Provide Your Skype Account  required By All CPA Networks


                                                                    Read Maxbounty FAQ

Adsmain, Peerfly & Other Cpa Networks have a compulsory rule to provide some references. But Maxbounty Does Not Ask For References even they do not give their reference to any other network.

There is No Method To Auto Approve cpa networks accounts but some network provides the instant approval which is very helpful for newbies.

Note : Please Don’t Buy Maxbounty account from any seller, Because later it will be Ban So Stay Away from Buying Selling  & apply your self & approve it on your Name 

I will share this information in my next article so stay & Subscribe the Email to get updated.

How To Approve Maxbounty Account | CPA Networks 2018
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How To Approve Maxbounty Account | CPA Networks 2018
Secrets How to approve Maxbounty & others CPA Accounts No matter you are from Pakistan India or Bangladesh there is no such type of limitation for approvals.After this 5 minute Read you Will be Able to Approve You account
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