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How To Choose Best CPA Network For Affiliate Marketing

One of Basic Problem for the newbies is to Choose which is best CPA network, So here I decide to share the valuable information about how to choose the best CPA network for the affiliate Marketing as it is very hard to judge but I will give you Quick Tips that every affiliate Should know.

Say! No To SCAM CPA Networks & Choose Wisely”

First of all, if you are beginner you have to learn what is affiliate marketing  & What are the CPA Networks and how to do it then you have to decide the vertical which you choose to work on because without understanding all the basics you can’t go ahead.

What is CPA Network & Affiliates Marketing

Cpa Stands for Cost Per action, Networks are middleman  or third party platform  where an advertiser pays the specific amount for action made on their advertisement, & affiliates promote these advertisements through the traffic &  get paid for the Payable action .all this process called affiliate marketing

What type of Actions?

  1.  Signup on website 
  2.  Buying something
  3.  Submitted his email 
  4.  Downloads software apps From the page

these are the Payable action for which CPA network provide you offers.


So I have Mentioned in Some secret strategy of choosing a Best CPA network

there are the list of 100 CPA networks but we can’t say its a best affiliate marketing network,

I am not gonna tell you that which network is good or bad but I am gonna give you the power to judge yourself.

Tips To Choose Best CPA Network 

Qualities of Best cpa networkQuality evaluation

You Should Take all these factors in your notice While Choosing or Applying for the affiliate network that, if they meet these requirements then they are going good.

1- Check High Paying Cpa Offers:

How To Find the high Paying offers on the Network without approval?

You can Find All CPA offers Details from the OfferVault

  Why offers Must Have Long Expiry Time?

Network Must have high paying offer for the long expire date as it is best for affiliates that they can easily work on it there will be no tension about offer expiry.

For example: if you use the traffic source SEO to promote some health-related offer & while we all know that it takes minimum 60 days to rank to newly started website, while advertiser  pull the offer from you so all yours 60 days effort will be lost . so need to find the network with long offer expiry date.

Why Manager Pulls the Offer?

As some of the new networks is not able to win the advertiser confidence that is why advertiser pulls its offer from them and indirectly offer got pulled from you so go with Popular CPA network where most of the successful affiliates are working.

for this purpose you have to choose the Affiliate Marketing Forums like most of the expert sitting there so you can ask from them they will guide you or give the details about network according to their experience.

2- Check  Most Converting CPA offers

the important thing to provide the trending offers to make their affiliates work easy, as choosing the best CPA offer related to your primary vertical is very important work.

the main problem newbie faces these days are network Managers rejects  application for the best CPA offers  initially.so they have to work hard on less converting and non-trending CPA offers by which they waste their a lot of time, working on low performing offer with very low EPC, which cause the failure or in the end affiliate leave the network.

3- Covering All big vertical:

Some of the networks on selective verticals/ categories so see first they are providing the offer related to your primary vertical then jump in other don’t waste your time approving these type of networks.

4- CPA Manager Response and Behavior

Best CPA manager are like your instructor who guide or give the important information about the networks offers , promotional methods, to facilitate you in working so better go to them by applying or searching them on Skype as most the CPA manager provide support through the Skype so find them by searching a name on Skype.

5-  CPA Networks Shaving/Stealing MoneyCpa network stealing money

Cutting is shaving is like cheating or stealing their publisher or Affiliates Money as Mostly network are used to it which cause the serious loss or damage to the affiliate for example if you are running dating related CPL campaigns users are doing successful leads on it according to the advertiser requirement.

But these leads are not counting on your account. because the network is Actually stealing your money which is not a good thing for any type of affiliates.

Whenever you will ask the Manager about the issue they will say this is not their department or No Everything is fine on their side. Stay safe as 80% of affiliates networks do this.

6-On-time Payment:

this is a very bad thing that I have faced with some of CPA network as they delay the payment on said en date or while finalizing they deduct your payment. so choose the company which cares about the affiliates that all the CPA marketing depends on the affiliates.

8- Low threshold or On-demand payment for Small & Big affiliate

CPA Networks have Different Payment types lets talk about the payment frequency there are Following:

  • Daily Payouts
  • weekly Payout
  • On-Demand Payouts
  • low payment threshold
  • high payout threshold

    What are the Payment terms?
  • Net-15
  • Net-20
  • Net-30
    What is the minimum or maximum threshold of CPA network? 
  • Min:  25$
  • Max: 500$


You can choose according to your preference.

Choose the Better & Suitable One accordingly you can read their payment terms first from Their Official website FAQS Page.

You Can check the CPA network reviews from affpaying

11- Tracking Software For the Usability & interface

There are many types of tracking software but I will share with you the most commonly used software for affiliate marketing & How its Look Like which gonna helps you in identifying the software, Because these are the best software which has very good tracking & Easy interface so would be able to select wisely.

Get CakeCpaprosperity
Aragon advertising

13- Check out the Network age

Ovoid Joining new CPA networks 2018, as it must be old enough like 3,4 years otherwise you will face many immaturities from the network.

My Recommendation:
Maxbounty has all these qualities as personally working on it, & best CPA network for the beginners, 
I have written a detailed article on how to approve maxbounty.

Feel Free To Ask me any question regarding choosing best CPA network for affiliate marketing

How To Choose Best CPA Network For Affiliate Marketing
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How To Choose Best CPA Network For Affiliate Marketing
Don't Waste your time on scam networks choose best cpa networks for affiliate marketing detailed article how to evaluate the company.

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