How To Create Multiple Facebook Accounts | Manage in 2018

create multiple facebook accounts

If you are looking for How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts? Then you are at right place. Top most wanted trick of 2018 about How to Create and Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts with single PC.

Many of newbies face these types of problems when going towards getting traffic from Facebook.

Here’s proper way of How to Create multiple Facebook Accounts.

Fastest way I use to create multiple Facebook Accounts.

create multiple facebook accounts

Create account on Outlook

Problem comes when people try to create multiple Facebook Accounts using gmail Id’s.

Because Google don’t allow multiple gmail accounts.

manage multiple facebook accounts

I personally refer you to Use outlook because you can use a single mobile number as many times as you want to create accounts here.

Moreover you can also use Yandex or Temp mail to generate an email in less time.

But you will face here some problems in recovering Facebook account afterwards.

Create account on Facebook

While creating account on Facebook put your date of birth after 1998 i.e. less than 18 years.

how to create multiple facebook accounts

Then there will be less chances to face the problem of Contact Number.

Fill out the complete about form of Facebook profile.

That part is important as every new visitor differentiate from here between original and fake profiles.

You must stick to this procedure in order to create multiple facebook accounts.

Use multiple Chrome users to manage and create multiple Facebook Accounts

Logging in and logging out Facebook accounts again and again can make them suspicious for Facebook spam detection bots.

So I suggest you to use multiple Chrome users.

You can create them by going to top right corner User Profile on your chrome.

chrome user

Click on your User Profile to see all of your users or to create new. Click on Manage People to create new User.

create new chrome user

You can create 500 users at a time.

Means you can manage 500 Facebook ids at a time.

Depends on your manpower.

Chrome settings to Continue where you left

This is most important part as I mentioned above that logging in and logging out Facebook accounts again and again can make your ids suspicious and can cause in banning.

chrome users

So to avoid all this go to settings from options too right at your chrome and check the option of continue where you left off.

By following all these steps you can manage hundreds of accounts and post your urls or do your things by just opening the specific user, your work on that id will be continued where you left off last time and you can save your time of logging in every profile again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will be the consequences when we create multiple Facebook accounts 

Ans: The accounts will not last forever although most of the accounts will be deleted within a night. So you have to cash out that account properly within 2 to 3 hours.

Q: How to manage multiple Facebook accounts?

Ans: Just keep in mind that when you are looking towards creating multiple Facebook accounts, then you are thinking to do spamming. So the fact is that no network in 2018 let you pass their spam filter easily. So get ready for the Facebook account to be suspended and create multiple Facebook accounts for ignoring inconvenience in your working. That way you will not focus on how to manage multiple Facebook accounts.

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