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How to Earn Money From Viral Blogging | Quick Money

So You have decided to start your work and Earn with Viral Blogging? It is as much easy as copying and Pasting Articles. Let’s get straight forward towards  how to do this.

More often in Pakistan every 2nd youngster has an eager for earn online from home.

Question rises and many have visited me also to ask that how can we earn online from home.

My family aunties and street fellows were also visiting me nearly every month to get help for their sons ( xD ).  

So i decided to write an article about introduction of Viral blogging and after that we will see complete procedure.

How to Draw Traffic/Visitors from Social Media (Article in Progress)


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Content of Article:

What is Viral Blogging (Introduction)

How to Earn Through Viral Blogging (Procedure)

FAQ About Viral Blogging

What is Viral Blogging:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vast topic for cover in one article.

We get our SEO results in 60 to 90 days of our work.

This is a long time to wait for your experiments and If after waiting for this much time, if you don’t get any proper response.

It hurts…

That’s why for newbies or for who are learning SEO, Viral blogging is best way to start earning. Because in this procedure we don’t have to wait long.

We will get results of our work in coming 3 to 4 hours.

So if result is not positive we don’t feel much demotivation. We can redo that work and working is also not so much complicated.

Viral blogging is a form of blogging in which no SEO, No Backlinking Strategies, No Onpage, No Offpage, No PA DA needed.

Means a proper way of earning with no chemistry or physics (Here I hate both these subjects 😀 ).

Go Viral Earn Viral.
 You don't need any team.
- Rana Asees

How to do Viral Blogging:

We focus viral news here in this procedure.

  • Just we need a website with WordPress Installed.
  • Theme can be any Viral theme or News theme
  • We have to copy Viral News from different platforms I am mentioning bellow..
  • Spin the Articles Using Spinbot
  • Paste them to your website..
  • Start sharing on Social Media Platforms


Note: We don’t do SEO for Viral Blogging. 

We can get those news from different platforms like

Youtube Trending

YouTube trending is one of the big ways to get the news which is trending in different countries. 

viral blogging youtube

You can manually go to Trending area of YouTube:

There you can find trending videos and definitely can find topic on which you should collect the content to grab traffic from social media.

Also you can change country to your required country for their trending videos by going to Settings > Location (at the bottom) and change the country to your desired location.

Google trending

viral blogging from google trends

Mother Of News

Pop Urls (Mother of News) is one of my favorite website to start Viral Blogging.

Because this is the only platform where you can get Viral links and News all over the world on each and every platform.

viral blogging ways

Just Simply Copy the Article…

Paste to your website and start sharing…

We just have to copy paste the posts and then paste that posts on different social media platforms.

Like using Facebook my many friends I do know are getting much traffic daily.

You can also get from Twitter, Google Plus and Reddit etc.

I will write a detailed article about how to get traffic from Social Media and will reveal the procedures adopted by experts.

Same as for Viral Blogging…

FAQ About Viral Blogging:

Here I think it is important to answer some frequently asked questions:

How much a person can earn Through Viral Blogging?

First of all you don’t need to count money. Your working and Hard work will count that for you. Secondly you can earn up to millions only you have to focus on Marketing.

What do we need to start Viral Blogging?

You only need a package of Domain and Hosting. All of You can Check from ihostpoint.com and then Boom. Then we can start earning through Viral Blogging.

About Rana Asees

I am professional SEO Specialist and Blogger since 2012. CEO of Cybex IT Group and Founder of Cybex Live. Spreading awareness of online working in Pakistan.